Ladyboy Oah Is Fucking Amazing »

Ladyboy Oah is fucking amazing and I’m not over stating that one bit. Her fresh look drives me crazy and makes me dream of meeting her for a date and all of the things we would do. First, I would take her to the finest mall in Bangkok and buy her whatever she wanted to wear for the evening. Then I would take her to a salon and let them give her the full treatment. Hair, nails, facial, pedicure…the whole nine. (click here to watch videos of Oah)

Afterwards I would take her to a fine restaurant and treat her to the finest food Bangkok has to offer. Once our dinner was finished I would take her back to my room where I would continue to pamper her even more. When we walk into the room I would have flowers waiting for her and a gift to remind her how special she is. I would then slowly strip her out of her clothes and escort her to the bathroom for further pampering.

Ladyboy Oah

I would run a warm bath for her and wash her hair for her (again even though we just had it done for the salon). I would love to feel it sliding through my hands as I saw how relaxed she was. I would then bathe her like the beautiful and special princess she is. I would start on her shoulders, massaging them as I lathered her. I would continue to lather her entire body while she lays back, allowing me the pleasure of providing a service to her.

After her bath I would walk her into the room and lay her naked on a bed covered with rose petals. I would have massage oil ready and would slowly massage her back, starting again at the shoulders and work my way all the way down over her incredible ass all the way down to her feet. Once she was fully relaxed I would turn her over so she was laying on her back and proceed to massage her entire front side until she is glistening from the oil and candle light.

Once she was fully relaxed I would work my way up to her private area for a special massage. I would slowly massage her upper thighs and tease her balls and cock until she had a full erection. Once she was fully hard I would stroke and caress her balls, cock, upper thighs and lower stomach until she was so horny she couldn’t take it anymore. At that time I would go down and service her with my mouth while rubbing my hands all over her until she exploded her thick creamy load into my waiting mouth. I would swallow every drop then kiss her lightly before she dozed off to sleep.

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Barely Legal Teen Femboy »

I am honored to introduce you to this adorable teen femboy named Far. This photo is from her very first scene to ever hit the internet and it was shot only a week ago so besides you can only see this cute barely legal teen femboy here on Free Ladyboy Galleries. So I guess you can say it’s your lucky day.

Ladyboy Far

She is so fresh they even had to send me this photo because as of this post, the photo set isn’t even online yet, only her amazing jerk off video where she strips down and pleasures her sweet young cock until she pops a decent sized load of her delicious juice.

Wait until you see her naked little body and butter smooth asshole that is ripe for the stuffing. Because she recently came of age you know her ass is so tight and would be perfect for an evening of mutual pleasure. I’m going to stop writing and go watch the video again right now so if you want to see more pics of this amazing little ladyboy click here.


Young ladyboy Jay Jay shows her sweet Thai Ass »

Ladyboy Jay Jay is one cute Asian shemale I would love to get a hold of. Look how petite her body is and her smooth ass is amazing. Not to put it out there but I think I wouldn’t last very long with her. I’m a big fan of young looking ladyboys and since I know Jay Jay is only 18 I would lose myself in her sweet Thai ass. Click here to see more of her.

Femboy Jay Jay

In the full set and video she starts out in a blue bikini. Slowly and seductively stripping until she is fully nude with the exception of her cute socks. She jerks her cock and plays with her ass and I have to say it’s an amazing show. Oh, did I mention she has a nice sized hard cock on her too.


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Femboy Joy is a ladyboy website like no other that currently exists on the internet. In addition to having a easy to navigate members area that updates like clockwork with fresh and visually stimulating content, they have some of the hottest ladyboy models around. In my 5 years of having this blog and reviewing ladyboy sites I haven’t ran across one like this yet! 100% Asian Femboys!


They have carved out a niche for themselves by focusing on ladyboys who are in transition. By transition I mean ladyboys who have little to no surgery yet and are just starting to walk the path into full blown, surgically enhanced ladyboys we have all come to know and love. The tagline for Femboy Joy is, “Where all ladyboys begin”.

If you look at the tour you will see some of the most stunning ladyboys you have ever laid your eyes on, but they are all natural. No big fake tits, no enhanced hips or lips, just good ol’ fashioned real ladyboys who look incredible.

If you know anything about ladyboys you already know most of them go through cycles of eating hormones so they can keep their smooth skin and grow tiny little hormone boobs. When you touch them they feel like the real thing because they are. The hormone pills have made their bodies actually grow real tits. Inside of Femboy Joy you will only see the most beautiful and natural ladyboys with flat chests or hormone tits.

It’s obvious the people behind this site are ladyboy fans and it’s obvious they are detailed about giving you the highest quality content they can make.

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What can you expect inside of Femboy Joy?

  • Easy to use members area
  • Updated like clockwork once a week (sometimes they throw in bonus updates)
  • Full access to their other site Ladyboy Inc.
  • High definition videos
  • Downloadable videos
  • Streaming videos inside the members area
  • Incredible looking high quality photo sets
  • Downloadable zip file for every photo set
  • Contact information for most of the models
  • Bonus area filled with high quality content
  • You can vote and rate every scene and photo set
  • Collect your favorites inside the members area
  • Comment on photos and videos
  • Sex scenes (some are bareback)
  • Solo masturbation scenes
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices
  • A lot more!!!

Here are some sample pics:





That is just the tip of the iceberg. I know some people like full enhanced ladyboys, I do to, but femboys like these are my personal favorite and if you are like me then you are going to absolutely LOVE Femboy Joy. I mean…just look at the teen femboy in pigtails three pictures up…need I say more?

I also need to mention that in addition to totally decking them out in the most sexy outfits and sets they can, they also provide some fully naked Femboy scenes as well. I have been a member since they have opened and it seems they are trying very hard to meet the requests of members so if you join and have any ideas for a Femboy scene you want to see, don’t hesitate to let them know.

As of this posting there are two membership options. $24.95 gets you one month of access and $59.85 gets you three months (that’s $19.95 per month).

If you are a bitcoin user you will also be happy to know they accept bitcoin as a payment option as well.

Like I always say, you don’t have to take my word for it, click here to take a free, no obligation tour of Femboy Joy and decide for yourself if you think it’s as awesome as I do. My display name inside is LadyboyLover so if see one of my comments feel free to strike up a conversation or send me a private message. See you inside!

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This is Bew and she is a teenage ladyboy from Femboy Joy.

I honestly don’t think a ladyboy can get any more ‘passable’ than this. She honestly looks like a hot teen girl and if you didn’t see her pic on a ladyboy site you probably wouldn’t second guess her based on how feminine she looks. I mean, if I passed her in the street there is no way I would ever know she had a cock.

Femboy Joy Bew

Imagine picking her up at a nightclub thinking she was a girl then when you get her home you find out she has a cock. What do you do? Well, if you are like me your fantasy just came true so you lay her on her back, get down on your knees and service her cock to bring the utmost pleasure to her.

You keep sucking on her hot cock until you feel her warm milky cum shower the back of your throat. As you swallow every drop of her love juice you are just watching her facial expressions as she writhes around in pleasure.

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Femboy Joy | New Ladyboy Porn Site » from Ladyboy Inc. is the newest ladyboy site to hit the internet and you have to check them out. You can see by the name that they focus on “Femboys” which, in a nutshell, are ladyboys in the beginning phase of transition. Usually with flat chests, sometimes a little more hairy than full blown ladyboys.

One bonus about a femboy is you can ALWAYS count on a hard cock! If you check out the tour you will see they have some stunning models to choose from and have everything from masturbation scenes to full on bareback fucking like in the pic below.

Femboy Joy

Femboy named Fai getting fucked bareback!

Another great thing about this site is it comes as part of a package. If you join Femboy Joy you will automatically get FREE access to the Ladyboy Inc. network which also features masturbation and bareback scenes. You don’t have to take my word for it, check out FemboyJoy and see for yourself how stunning the models are.

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