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Japanese shemales are a wonderful thing to me. I love how they look, how the photographers capture them and the fact that they are Japanese which makes them exotic to me. Kind of out of reach which makes the fantasy even stronger.

They also seem to dress up the Japanese shemales in different and interesting ways. Like Chuling in this set for example, she isn’t in a normal “I’m a pornstar” schoolgirl outfit, she is in an authentic, private school looking outfit that just sets me off…in a good way.

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This is Bew and she is a teenage ladyboy from Femboy Joy.

I honestly don’t think a ladyboy can get any more ‘passable’ than this. She honestly looks like a hot teen girl and if you didn’t see her pic on a ladyboy site you probably wouldn’t second guess her based on how feminine she looks. I mean, if I passed her in the street there is no way I would ever know she had a cock.

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Imagine picking her up at a nightclub thinking she was a girl then when you get her home you find out she has a cock. What do you do? Well, if you are like me your fantasy just came true so you lay her on her back, get down on your knees and service her cock to bring the utmost pleasure to her.

You keep sucking on her hot cock until you feel her warm milky cum shower the back of your throat. As you swallow every drop of her love juice you are just watching her facial expressions as she writhes around in pleasure.

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I know I’ve been on a roll lately with the Japanese trannies but the only reason I keep putting them up is because Shemale Japan keeps adding hot new models to their database. Like Sayaka Ayasaki for example, she has a very cute face, nice sized hard cock and an asshole I’ll probably have dreams about. In this free Japan shemale gallery you can see her playing with that cock and moving her tight ass all around.

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Young Sayaka Ayasaki loves showing off her goods.

See what I mean. She is just amazing. The free gallery is awesome but as always, if you want the full length video where you can watch her and other hot Japanese trannies blow their hot young loads you’re going to have to go here.
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